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TIMIT was developed by a consortium including Texas Instruments and MIT, from which it derives its name.

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The goal of this chapter is to answer the following questions: Along the way, we will study the design of existing corpora, the typical workflow for creating a corpus, and the lifecycle of corpus.

This document provides a quick-start tutorial for Java programmers who wish to use SAX2 in their programs.

SAX is a common interface implemented for many different XML parsers (and things that pose as XML parsers), just as the JDBC is a common interface implemented for many different relational databases (and things that pose as relational databases).

This project started from my frustration that I could not find any simple, portable XML Parser to use inside all my projects (for example, inside the award-winning TIMi software suite commercialized by the Business-Insight company). I was using XML as standard for all my input/ouput configuration and data files.

Let's look at the well-known Xerces C library: The complete Xerces project is 53 MB! The source code of my small tools was usually around 600KB.


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