Starting mysql manager of pid file quit without updating

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安装mysql 版本: mysql-5.1.41-linux-i686-icc-glibc23gz 第一步: mysql5.1.30 初次启动会出现Manager of pid-file quit without updating fi[FAILED]的报错,需要注释/etc/my.cnf里的skip-federated注释掉即#skip-federated就OK了! 但还不好用。错误依旧。 第二步: 杀掉已经启动的进程 果然有两个顽固分子 杀之!!! kill -9 8037(杀掉这个8016那个就自动被杀了!) kill -9 8016 开心的时刻终于到来了 CODE: [[email protected] mysql]# /etc/init.d/mysql restart My SQL manager or server PID file could not be found!

Linux ve Mysql alan sunucularda, disk dolmas ve mysql veri dosyalarnda meydana gelebilecek hatalardan kaynaklanmas muhtemel "Mysql Manager of pid-file quit without updating file Hatas" ile ilgili zm yollar aada belirtilmitir.

For example sometimes you can get an error like this : $ service mysqld status ERROR! The server quit without updating PID file (/var/lib/mysql/pid). Check the log file at /var/lib/mysql/err $ tail /var/lib/mysql/err 120602 mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file /var/lib/mysql/pid ended This line tells us that we have a compatibility problem with some of our tables and mysql fails to start in safe mode.

My SQL is not running, but lock file (/var/lock/subsys/mysql) exists Well, it’s kind of obvious, just remove the lock file and restart the server. Now let’s change the way mysql starts to work around this situtation.


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