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Dear Agony Aunt Nicola My boyfriend and I keep arguing about whose doing the housework, its becoming really frustrating.

We both work full time jobs so have the same time off but trying to get him to help with the cleaning, cooking, washing up, laundry is like banging my head against a brick wall.

The works contained in this list refer to those found primarily in the following two series of the New Schubert Edition (NSE) edition: Lieder for a single voice soloist as included in Series IV of the New Schubert Edition and/or Series XX of Franz Schubert's Works.

Note however that these editions include a few Part songs characterized as Lied.

Unexpectedly, in an autopsy study of eight individuals with i CJD, aged 36–51 years, in four we found moderate to severe grey matter and vascular amyloid-β (Aβ) pathology.

What I tell everyone with the same problem, is go back to basics, start a rota and split everything between you, one night he cooks, the other night you cook. If it doesn’t work my suggestion would be to start cooking your own dinner and washing your own clothes.By the time he’s realised he’s run out of clean boxers he’ll be forced to rethink his bad habits when he’s having to wear his dirty undies inside out.I hope this helps, do keep me updated should you need any more advice.Human transmission of prion disease has occurred as a result of a range of medical and surgical procedures worldwide as well as by endocannibalism in Papua New Guinea, with incubation periods that can exceed five decades.A well-recognized iatrogenic route of transmission was by treatment of persons of short stature with preparations of human growth hormone, extracted from large pools of cadaver-sourced pituitary glands, some of which were inadvertently prion-contaminated.The versatility of fungal pathogenicity mechanisms and their development of resistance to antifungal drugs indicate the importance of understanding the nature of host-pathogen interactions.


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