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This isn’t Nowheresville, Central FL, this is Gainesville and everyone’s game here is strong af. Just bring me tacos.” His pictures are either faceless pics of his not so poppin’ bod or shots of him laying in a hammock and smoking weed in some ~natural locale~ that’s totally not the woods around Lake Alice.5.) The Student Athlete: As soon as you spot that blue backpack or sports action shot, you know you’ve got a student athlete on your hands.I mean really, it’s a small price to pay if you think about it.”3.) The Frat Star: He looks old enough to have three kids in private school, balding, with a beer belly that rivals your dad’s.I asked him to confirm that he was in fact five years younger than I.He stood by his assertion, but added that I must use ‘better moisturizer’ than he did!!!

Sure, the amount of creepy selfie shots from the bathroom outweighs the men I liked, but I certainly can’t complain about the quantity. The awkward chat they invite both users into reminds me of AIM circa 2001; so anonymous yet such freedom to be a complete weirdo.

Let’s face it, finding a real and authentic experience these days is becoming more…and more difficult.

Campgrounds and RV Resorts are turning into glorified parking lots with electrical boxes, water spigots and hotel sized fees.

I questioned his sexuality because the first thing that popped into my mind was “Grinder,” the application designed for male-male hook ups. This application has taken the concept of “hot or not” and turned it into a way to find your superficial significant other within a designated mile radius.

Tinder’s CEO Sean Rand says it’s an app designed to “facilitate a connection between those around you.” Indeed curious about “those around me,” I gave it a whack and allowed the application to access my Facebook profile to market myself to the Tinder pool.


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