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I don’t think I can keep it anymore,” Coe told Daily Mail Australia.

The couple also made waves by swiping several other items from the shipyard, Coe said.

But times are changing for the better with same-sex couples now being cheered when shown on camera.

A pioneer in this development was Dan Valdivia, who operates the kiss cam at Dodger Stadium.

His boat — named Missy — won’t ever be the same, he said.

“That is largely happenstance to what I do as well. As an artist I might be able to help someone along the way, and that is my goal.” After the documentary airs on Rocky Mountain PBS, Liban plans to make it available on i Tunes and the National Educational Telecommunications Association.

Kiss cams are still a bit dated and can be cringe-inducing if one of the people being shown hesitates to participate.

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Los Angeles was the site of another great same-sex kiss cam moment in January when a gay couple was shown at a Los Angeles Kings hockey game.

The video of their kiss has been viewed 331,000 times.


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